How Do I Calculate my Golf Handicap?

I only play occasionally and usually never do better than 110 and I am only a casual golfer. People ask me what my handicap is and I don't know how to answer them. What would my approximate handicap be if I normally shoot scores of about 110 or so? I feel ignorant that I can't give an answer and don't even know how a golf handicap is calculated for someone like myself. Please help.

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February 10, 2009

Mike @ 6:05 pm #

Your handicap is the average number of shots you usually score over par. The maximum handicap for men is 28 e.g. on a par 72 course you would usually score 100. This maximum depends on age/sex.

Therefore your handicap is likely to be the maximum 28.

February 13, 2009

sooners83 @ 8:59 am #

Go to : and calc it there

February 14, 2009

super.sweep @ 1:02 pm #

Tell ‘em that you are “D” player. You might not get it, but they will

February 17, 2009

Bruce K @ 10:17 am #

you are a 36-40 hdcp. it is also based on type of course played. each course has a rating, this rating with hdcp. will give you a hdcp. higher #on course, higher hdcp. etc.

February 18, 2009

emmettgolf @ 6:31 pm #

Just tell them that you are about a 35.

February 22, 2009

jsusna72 @ 4:20 am #

OK, first of all, people are incorrect when they tell you that your handicap is based on par. It’s based on what is called the “course rating” which for most courses is different from par. If you shoot 110 on an easy course, you would probably shoot even higher on a harder course. A par 72 course which is easy might have a course rating of 67, while on a harder course, the course rating might be a 74. There are different course ratings for the set of tees from which you are playing. They are always marked on the cards.
Your handicap index (not just “handicap” any more) is calculated on the differentials between your scores and the course ratings of the courses you play. It’s based on the 10 lowest differentials of the last 20 rounds played. For example, if you shot a 110 on a course with a rating of 69, your differential for that round would be a 41. The average of the low 10 differentials would then be computed, and then that number would be multiplied by .96, and that would be your handicap index. If I recall correctly, the highest for a man is 36 and for a woman it’s a 40. So to answer someone who asks, just tell them that you’re a 36 but headed downward as you continue to improve.

February 24, 2009

bigman42718 @ 6:08 am #

Tell them u shoot over a hunderd. You want a stroke a hole on all the holes but par fives and you want two on thoses. The USGA or the R&A dont list a handicap that high. With that amount of strokes you ought to at least break even or win a hole or two. Its all in fun anyway. If you cant afford to play for a dime or a quarter a hole then you should not be at the golf course. Save that money for food for your kids.

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